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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to common questions we often get asked about Selma Idea Factory and our Building Block Program.

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Do I need to have an idea to get into the Building Block program?

No. If you want to learn, have the desire to create and build, and are willing to invest the time and energy required to make things happen, you have all you need.

What time commitment is required to participate in the Building Block program?

The program requires a full-time commitment for four to six months, but becoming an entrepreneur means making a lifestyle change.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes. Attendance is mandatory, as is participation in all drills and projects.

What does Selma Idea Factory provide?

Selma Idea Factory will provide you a monthly wage to help you get started. We provide a collaborative environment and access to insight from others in the field. We also cover the cost of training, research, prototyping, and launch.

What are the education requirements?

Selma Idea Factory is interested in what you have learned through life and job experiences. A college degree in any discipline is preferred (but not required).

What is the cost of the Building Block program?

There is no cost to you.

How will the Building Block program benefit me?

The program prepares you to create and build your own business and we guide you through the entrepreneurial process. We hire you, but you are working for yourself and investing in your future.

How will you equip me to become an entrepreneur?

We start with mindset, helping you recognize and grow your entrepreneurial potential.  We show you a new way to identify problems and develop innovative solutions.  We assist you in testing your solutions and building a business around the one that works.